January 2011

Seeing Hiveword.com in your referrer logs?

The Writer’s Knowledge Base (WKB) has been taking off like crazy. Writers are using it to find relevant articles for all of their writing needs. If you have articles in the WKB then you may see referrer entries for hiveword.com when users click on the links to you. Upon reviewing your website stats you may wonder “What is this Hiveword source?” and then proceed to the site. Then you’ll be stumped. Sorry about that. Due to poor timing on my part I didn’t get a link on the main page to the WKB which is ultimately the source of your traffic. In a nutshell, then, the WKB is a “sub-site”… Read More »Seeing Hiveword.com in your referrer logs?

Writer’s Knowledge Base

If you’ve ever tried to do a Google search for articles on the craft of writing you may have been seriously underwhelmed. Using the contextually obvious “plot” or “character” keywords will bring back tons of results that will be of no use to you as a writer. Enter the Writer’s Knowledge Base (WKB). The WKB is a service provided by Elizabeth S. Craig and me for finding high quality articles on writing via a Google-like search. The search is done instantly over thousands of writing-related articles ranging from character development to author promotion on social media. Unlike Google, all of the results are relevant to you as a writer. They… Read More »Writer’s Knowledge Base