February 2015

Organizing Chapters in Hiveword

2015 is getting off to a strong start with another Hiveword feature — Chapters! In a book, a chapter is comprised of one or more scenes. The grouping of the scenes in a chapter has a purpose — perhaps it’s comprised of one particular plotline, or a new character comes along, or whatever your heart desires. The chapter feature in Hiveword allows you to organize your chapters by specifying a summary or purpose and by assigning scenes to those chapters. Let’s see how it works… First of all, chapters get first class treatment with their own menu: You’ll see that the Chapters menu is consistent with characters, settings, etc., in… Read More »Organizing Chapters in Hiveword

Copying characters, settings, and items between stories

The Hive’s been buzzing lately with new features! As of today you can now copy characters, settings, and items between stories in Hiveword. Copying saves a ton of time if you are working on a series and need to get the same characters, for example, in each story. I’d like to point out these are indeed “copies.” Copies are a snapshot of the source data at the time of the copy. Using a character as an example, this means that the original character and the copied character can change independently. In other words, the characters are not linked. I did it this way because a character’s “wants” in Story A could… Read More »Copying characters, settings, and items between stories