September 2017

“My Types” Menu Improvements

Things have really been buzzing in the Hive of late. My previous posts described several new features: List page details toggle for reduced scrolling Hiding default (aka “factory”) fields Optionally showing custom field descriptions In this post I’ll describe some improvements to the “My Types” menu. It’s not terribly exciting like the last two features but I think it is a nice usability change. Here’s what’s changed: The number of custom types is now in parentheses Types are sorted The list scrolls (as opposed to having one long list) There’s a quick link to manage types Removed the submenus in favor of inline icons If you have Hiveword Plus (the… Read More »“My Types” Menu Improvements

Custom Field Descriptions

In my previous post I talked about the icon on the right below and that it toggles the default Hiveword fields off and on if you have custom fields. I also teased the new icon to the left of it. These new icons appear on the edit pages for characters, scenes, etc. This post is about the icon on the left. This icon toggles the display of custom field descriptions if any are provided. The icon won’t appear if there are no custom fields with descriptions. The show/hide description toggle works like the show/hide custom fields icon next to it: namely, the setting is remembered across sessions. Here’s a screen of custom… Read More »Custom Field Descriptions

Show/Hide Factory Fields

In Hiveword Plus you can add custom fields to the “factory” or default types such as scenes, characters, etc. Your custom fields display above the factory fields under the assumption that, since you added them, they must be pretty important. Here’s an example of some custom fields on the character page: The “Bunch O’ Fields” section is custom, obviously, and the default fields start with the Basic section. As I mentioned in my previous post, Hiveword Plus user Darren B. has taken Hiveword’s customizability to stratospheric heights: he’s done a full replacement of Hiveword’s fields. (As an aside, I don’t recommend duplicating fields that Hiveword already has. The reason is… Read More »Show/Hide Factory Fields

More show/hide capabilities

Quiescent. What a fun word. Quiescent is what this blog has been over the summer. But, as everybody knows, winter is coming so I have a flurry of blog posts planned about recent additions to Hiveword. Today I’m going to talk about the new show/hide details toggle on list views. While this feature won’t save the world it will reduce scrolling for serious Hiveword users. Previously, only the story, scene, and chapter lists had a summary/details toggle. Those lists try to convey a lot of information at once and the toggle on those pages is for adding data (the summary, actually) to each row. These toggles have not changed. The… Read More »More show/hide capabilities