Character Name Generation


Ever struggle to come up with character names?

Sometimes they just pop into your head wrapped in a bow. That’s pretty rare, though, at least for me. Other times I’ll see something and be inspired with a character name. (And sometimes I’ll even remember to jot it down!) More often than not, though, it’s painful to come up with character names, especially on demand.

Fortunately, technology can come to our aid.

If you’re old-school you probably already have a megadump of your local phone company’s database right there in your kitchen. On printed paper, no less! Just pop open that phone book and randomly point to somewhere on a page. Boom, instant character name. Unfortunately, the “character” might be Aunt Bess on the other side of town…

If, on the other hand, you favor the interwebs you can search The Google for name generators. The ones I’ve tried are hit or miss but you might find something you like.

Hiveword also has a character name generator. You can get twenty first and last name combos (male or female) at the click of a button. See a name you like? Just click a button and a character sheet will be started for you already filled in with the name.

The character name generator is just one of the new things that has the Hive buzzing.* If you like character name generation just wait until I tell you about the other generator in Hiveword. I’ll talk about that in an upcoming post but if you’re curious you can poke around Hiveword to see the new stuff.

Hiveword is novel writing software on the web. It doesn’t hurt to create an account, I promise!

How about you? How do you come up with character names?


* I’d say I’m sorry about the pun but I’d be lying. 😉



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