List View Updates

Hiveword user Matt N. requested that extension fields be included on the various list views. This feature is now live and affects both the basic and Plus versions of Hiveword. First of all, what do I mean by “extension fields?” Hiveword Plus has a feature called Custom Fields and Types. A better name might be Custom Templates. To my knowledge, this level of customizability is unique to Hiveword. Anyway, with this feature you can create new classes of things to track such as spells, spaceships, etc. But, you can all extend the factory types such as scenes, characters, etc. For example, you could add “Date” and “Scene Purpose” fields to… Read More »List View Updates

Top WKB Websites for 2017

There are over 4,000 unique websites represented in the WKB. That’s a lot! The ones that have the most articles are something special. So, for fun, I’m running a countdown of the top 10 sites at Check it out!

Mountain Biker Musings

The next time you’re in nature: Be quiet. Stand up straight and close your eyes. Listen to the wind in the leaves. The birds. The bugs. And think for a moment that all of that was here before you were. And all of it will be here when you’re gone. But right now, you’re the variable. The wildcard. The ripple in the pond. Make a difference.

Hiveword Newsletter

TL;DR: The inaugural Hiveword newsletter is coming soon. You should sign up now to learn and maybe win a prize! As an overall entity, Hiveword currently has two newsletters: one for the Writer’s Knowledge Base (WKB) and one for Knockout Novel. I’m going to phase out these two newsletters and make one all-encompassing Hiveword newsletter. This will give me much more room to explore content which will range from interviews to highlighting new features in all of the Hiveword products. The first Hiveword newsletter will have an interview with an author who will open your mind to the educational and business aspects of short stories. It could change your life. Or at least… Read More »Hiveword Newsletter

Search Everything!

You can now search everything in Hiveword Plus! What do I mean by everything? Well, I’ll say it again: Everything. 😉 You can quickly search characters, scenes, settings, items, story summaries, plotlines, chapters, notes, journal entries, custom types/fields, and tags. In other words, everything. There’s now a little search box at the top of every page: Upon searching you’ll see the results page: The search reaches across everything you have in Hiveword. So, you’ll see hits for journal entries and other things that aren’t attached to stories. You’ll also see hits across stories but the sample screenshot only shows one story. While search seems like a simple thing these days, I am… Read More »Search Everything!

Get Categorized Writing Articles in your Inbox

Today, I’m over at Elizabeth’s blog talking about how to get daily or weekly emails of fresh links to writing articles using categories you choose. I love getting the email every day. Give it a try and maybe you will, too!

New content for Knockout Novel

Just a quick update for Knockout Novel customers… James Scott Bell and I added some bonus content to Knockout Novel. Specifically, it’s a plot breakdown of “To Kill a Mockingbird” with scene summaries and annotations highlighting Jim’s various structure mileposts. It serves as a concrete example of using the various plot points from a well-known story. To see it, log in to Hiveword and pull up the Knockout Novel module for a story. Then, under the “Quick Jump” navigation section, click the last entry called “Sample plot breakdown.” We hope you find this new content useful!

Website Redesign and New Features

Hiveword has a new website today. It feels so good saying that because it’s been a LONG time coming. As a bonus, there are also some new features! As for the old design… Well, I guess it wasn’t really a design at all. And boy was it ugly. It didn’t convey that Hiveword is actually a suite of tools for writers with a novel planner, a module of expert guidance from a writing coach, and a repository of great articles on writing captured from around the web. But the best part about the new design is that your eyes probably won’t bleed with the new look. It is MUCH prettier… Read More »Website Redesign and New Features

Hiveword Outage Notice

UPDATE 2: If you are having trouble getting to Hiveword then this update is for you. Hiveword is indeed available but the nature of the upgrade (a new hosting provider) means that the location of Hiveword on the internet changed. There are directories all around that world that know how to find Hiveword (or any web site). But when the location changes, the change of address has to ripple through all of these directories. Tech babble, I know, but worst case it can take up to 48 hours to update everywhere. These directory updates are out of my control but there are some things that you can try to re-establish contact:… Read More »Hiveword Outage Notice

Generating a book query with Hiveword

As a developer, it’s fun to see how others use your software in unexpected ways. For example, my previous post was about how power users do cool but surprising things.   Jeremy Menefee is another power user who says that Hiveword produces “world-class content for a book query.”   I thought, “It does?” 😉   Turns out that Jeremy convinced me. What I thought of as a simple backup mechanism to prevent lock-in actually serves a secondary purpose.   Who knew?