Writer’s Knowledge Base

If you’ve ever tried to do a Google search for articles on the craft of writing you may have been seriously underwhelmed. Using the contextually obvious “plot” or “character” keywords will bring back tons of results that will be of no use to you as a writer.

Enter the Writer’s Knowledge Base (WKB). The WKB is a service provided by Elizabeth S. Craig and me for finding high quality articles on writing via a Google-like search. The search is done instantly over thousands of writing-related articles ranging from character development to author promotion on social media. Unlike Google, all of the results are relevant to you as a writer. They may not all interest you, of course, but at least searching for “plot” will bring back articles on how to plot your story and not news articles on terrorist plots.

The WKB is an extension of the work Elizabeth does on scouring the web for great writing articles. She filters more than 1500 feeds so you don’t have to and tweets the best links she finds at @elizabethscraig. After being tweeted the links get added to the WKB where the full content of the articles is indexed so that when you enter a query the results are ranked for relevance just like the big search engines do.

The WKB can also provide random links from its repository so that you can stumble along and find interesting articles that you didn’t know to search for in the first place. Sort of like a “box of chocolates,” I guess. 😉

So, give the WKB a try and let me know what you think. We have plans for making the WKB better for both readers and article authors but please feel free to provide any ideas you have for making the service better.

What features would you like to see in the Writer’s Knowledge Base?