Mountain Biker Musings

Higher Gear

  In biking, the lowest gear is called “granny gear” or simply “granny.” This gear is so easy to pedal that it pretty much requires no work. However, you won’t get anywhere fast when you’re in granny gear even though your legs are spinning like mad. (Now, my apologies if you are a real granny but this term did not come about because of grannies like you, of course! 😉 ) Since I got my new bike last year (pictured), I find myself riding a higher gear than I used to on my previous bike, Old Yeller. Old Yeller was a much harsher ride than my new bike, Black Betty… Read More »Higher Gear

Right Now, Now, Now

The following is part of my Mountain Biker Musings collection. I use a biking metaphor here but I think it applies to any endeavor. I hope you like it. You’re slogging up a long hill Notice your heart pounding You’re alive Right now Right now you’re on the hill The next now you’re still on the hill but a little farther All of the little nows add up to… Now Keep plugging away up that hill Every position is right now Hey, you’re doing great right now! How about one more now? It’s not so hard to be there right now One more pedal stroke and, well, look at that,… Read More »Right Now, Now, Now

Mountain Biker Musings

The next time you’re in nature: Be quiet. Stand up straight and close your eyes. Listen to the wind in the leaves. The birds. The bugs. And think for a moment that all of that was here before you were. And all of it will be here when you’re gone. But right now, you’re the variable. The wildcard. The ripple in the pond. Make a difference.