Hiveword Outage Notice

UPDATE 2: If you are having trouble getting to Hiveword then this update is for you.

Hiveword is indeed available but the nature of the upgrade (a new hosting provider) means that the location of Hiveword on the internet changed. There are directories all around that world that know how to find Hiveword (or any web site). But when the location changes, the change of address has to ripple through all of these directories. Tech babble, I know, but worst case it can take up to 48 hours to update everywhere.

These directory updates are out of my control but there are some things that you can try to re-establish contact:

Option 1:

Do a hard reload of your browser tab. Go to If you don’t get that beautiful honeycomb palette color scheme that you know and love then try to force your browser to do a fresh lookup for Hiveword. From the same “no Hiveword” tab do the following:

Windows: Ctrl + F5
Mac/Apple: Apple + R or command + R
Linux: F5

With any luck you’ll be back in business and should have no further issues.

Option 2:

Try going to Hiveword from another browser. This works best if you haven’t used Hiveword from this browser in a while. This is not a great solution, obviously, but it’s a decent workaround until the address changes propagate. You can try your original browser again tomorrow to see if it updated.


Sorry for the trouble. It’s the price of progress, I guess. I hope you notice how Hiveword is a bit snappier. Once you get in, of course. 😉


UPDATE: The migration is complete.


Hiveword is getting a performance boost! Unfortunately, it will require an outage to make it happen.

Hiveword will be down on December 27th starting around 8am Eastern Time. It will likely be down for several hours. This outage affects all of the Hiveword products: Hiveword Plus, Knockout Novel, and the Writer’s Knowledge Base.

I will give notice on Twitter when it’s going down and when it’s back. Of course, you can always just go to to see if it’s available.

Thanks in advance for your patience!


17 thoughts on “Hiveword Outage Notice”

  1. Ohhhh, just when I was about to start a new novel :/
    No, not really. But I am looking forward to finishing the one I’m working on. Don’t suppose the new performance boost will also boost my performance 🙂

    1. Sorry, there’s never a good time for an outage but I thought the holiday lull was as good a time as any…

      Yes, it WILL boost your performance. All you need to do is believe. 😉

  2. Uh, if the move was completed six hours ago as the twitter post said, why can I still not connect to Hiveword? Does the site have a new link?

  3. Still no sign of returning Hiveword and it’s been another two hours. Very sad now. I was midway through organising my characters last night…

  4. Neither option worked?

    There is a nuclear option. 😉

    Go to You will get prompted about an untrusted certificate because the domain name ( in this case) doesn’t match “” You can ignore that warning and proceed to Hiveword. Only ignore it if the address is

    You wouldn’t want to ignore the warning for a random website but in this case it’s OK and your data will still be encrypted to and from the server.

    In a day or two try again.

    If you care, what we’re doing here by going to is skipping the directory lookup and going right to where Hiveword lives. is called an IP address and all websites have them. Kinda hard to remember, though, right? 😉 The directories map nice names like “” to the ugly IP address.

  5. Yes, it’s definitely frustrating. Did you get prompted about a certificate when you went to

    I found a website that allowed me to hit Hiveword from Melbourne and it worked OK. I suspect your internet service provider has cached the lookup and it’s a waiting game, unfortunately.

    Still, the IP address link should have worked, no question.

    Sorry for your frustration! And thanks for trying Plus…

  6. LOL not really sure. There was a non-highlighted button that said “Advanced” so I clicked on that and then something else that that for all intents and purposes appeared to be hieroglyphics. Whatever it was, it worked, so I’m not complaining 😀

  7. Hey Mike, how do I go about following your blog? There doesn’t seem to be a “Follow” button or a “subscribe by email” thingy, and there’s no blog link on Hiveword.

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