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  1. Traci Loudin
    August 25, 2012

    Brilliant! I tend to destroy my outline in the process of writing, but I’ve discovered that a program called Scrivener can help me with that. It allows you to view your scenes in prose form but also in notecard form. In notecard form, you can put a scene summary, notes, tags, labels, etc. If you move the order of the notecards around, the prose shifts too, so you can easily reorder scenes and see if that helps with plotholes, pacing, and so on.

    Scrivener + the resources at Hiveword = win! Recently I was looking around at writing resources on researching… specifically how do you know when you’re done!?! Hiveword was great for that. Thanks for creating something so helpful!


  2. Mike Fleming
    August 25, 2012


    Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Sounds like Scrivener can do the trick.

    I’m glad you like the Writer’s Knowledge Base. Stay tuned for some cool new features coming soon!


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